FOKUS presents Family Day 2008 with The Brooklyn Bodega

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spaceFamily Day 2008 with The Brooklyn Bodega

Games Area Champion Enjoying the day Books Frances Glasses
Face painting Collab Bean bags The Return All together I Got It
Canvas Prep Watch this WOW! Art for the fridge Come together
Where do we sign up Smile Explain Under the BK Bridge Winner Sorry
Second one Check me out Which one Reading F.A.T Duo
Plantingg a Flower Coming together Thank you daddy MC Poet Hear Her Speak
Poets Hear Them Speak YAY! Look Family at FamilyDay Family Art
Hi Look at that Artists - young and old Guidance Look at me Start
End Pop-up Get it Salsa Step 1 Step 2
Step 3 Repeat Truth_com More art KRS-ONE at the Main Day