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FOKUS Projects

Postive Postcard Project
FOKUS partnered with artists to create an analog art project centered on positive mental and emotional health and self-care. We engage with audiences using postcards and conversations to have them discuss their means of self-care. The take-away is the creation of a postive postcard that is sent to their future self or a friend. The postcard contains positive and encouraging messages designed to find them when the time is right.

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Public Art - Solar Recycling Kiosks Art Project
FOKUS present work on solar recycling kiosks as a way to dissemeniate art to the public. We provide a space for an array of artists to showcase their work as a means to provide them with increased exposure and also to increase the amount of public art that people interatct with on a daily basis. Our goal is to turn cities into outdoor art galleries by showcase engaging artwork. We hope this inspires people and also encourages people to engage with the arts and draw them into appreciating the arts in galleries, museums, shows and other venues. FOKUS has provided opportunities to connect more communities through the arts via art on the solar recycling kiosks around Downtown Brooklyn and Atlanta.

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Art Is... Photo Project
Art is the common thread that connects cultures, languages, people and countries. The Art is… project exhibits this by asking different people from around the world what art means to them. Capturing responses across the United States and Argentina.

Art is what makes us human. Art is what unites us.

~ Atiba T. Edwards & Jordan Kifer (creators)

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FOKUS Flow is a monthly curated playlist Cru's favorite tracks by four Cru members. It was created as another way to unite communities, this time through the powerful art of music. New FOKUS Flow playlists are released on the first of every month. Click here to listen to all previous playlists.

~ Suhaly Bautista, Senesi Blake, Atiba T. Edwards and Giovanna Fischer (creators)

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